When President Joe Biden took office, he said he “wouldn’t blame anyone when things go wrong,” but he lied then and continues to lie as he has blamed everyone from Russian President Vladimir Putin, to the CEO’s of corporations, Republicans, conservatives and, of course, as always, former President Donald Trump.

Whether it’s his intentional canceling of everything Trump accomplished to strengthen our nation, for instance, secure our borders, make us energy independent and fight against the Leftist Marxist infiltration of every aspect of our country, Biden and the leftist Democrats have no doubt, doubled down on dividing and weakening America. Because of his awful policies, America is quickly becoming a third-world Socialist nation. The hold that the left has on all facets of our society is nothing short of alarming. They control mass media, social media, the Democrat party, the White House, Congress, our schools, big pharma, many of our major corporations, sports and Hollywood.

The public is starting to wake up, though – finally. Biden’s approval rating has now slipped to an all-time historic low of 29%. When Biden speaks, it is obvious to anyone that his mental faculties are declining terribly and he is clearly unfit to be the president, let alone “the leader of the free world.” Some Democrats are even calling for him to step down. All reasonable, level-headed, logical Americans need to unite and turn around this continual, abysmal, corrupt abuse and overreach of the presidency before America turns Marxist and we have lost all our freedoms.

Joel Weiner

Mayfield Heights

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