I am a pediatric palliative care physician, father of two and resident of Beachwood. I have been concerned to see one candidate for school board is a retired physician who testified in support of House Bill 248. I saw Dr. Miriam Weiss’ letter (“Candidate wants open dialogue,” Oct. 8) asking that people engage her in dialogue and decided to reach out. I appreciate that she took the time to speak with me. While I genuinely enjoyed our conversation, she will not have my vote.

HB 248 would impact all vaccinations, even taking away hospitals’ ability to require medical staff to be vaccinated against any communicable disease, including diseases like measles.

I asked Weiss about her position on masking in schools and she said she would follow the state requirements. However, she was unable to tell me if Ohio currently requires masks in schools (Ohio does not), or if Beachwood currently requires masking in schools (they do). When I asked her what masking policy she would implement if elected, she did not immediately take a position. She later said she would most likely continue current policies.

I applaud everyone running for an elected office and am grateful that so many individuals want to make a difference in our community. At the same time, I believe that our children’s health and safety must be our priority as we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic.

Noam Stern, M.D.


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