I am writing in response to your Oct. 4 article titled, “Mandel JCC FilmFest offers in person, drive-in, home options,” by Bob Abelman.

There is an important factual error in the first sentence of the seventh paragraph, which states: “‘Escape from Treblinka: The Joseph Polonski Story’ is a 29-minute documentary that chronicles the life of a Polish death camp escapee who immigrated to America and built a thriving business and a loving family.”

Please note that all of the concentration camps and extermination camps in German-occupied Poland were established and operated by the Germans and their annexed Austrian partners, both of whom committed heinous crimes against humanity. Poles also were prisoners in these camps and died there.

Please correct the phrase “a Polish death camp escapee” to “an escapee from a death camp in German-occupied Poland.”

Poland was a country until 1939 when Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded.

Gene Sokolowski

Woodrige, Va.

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