The article in the Cleveland Jewish News on July 26 was a disappointment to see members of the Jewish community taking such a strong political position when expressing their opinion about the immigration issue. (“Jewish protestors hot over ICE policies”)

They accused the present administration of illegal actions criminal on their judgment, via the fully legal policies of entities such as U.S. Immigration and Customes Enforcement rising all the way to calling President Donald Trump the criminal in the White House.

We also receive a lecture on the psychological damage to children when being separated from their families. Unfortunately, we saw no reaction from the same group concerning the flagrant anti-Semitic anti-Israeli statements by members of the so called “squad.” Their political inclinations of the protesting group are in full display. I fear when Jews again bury their heads in the sand and repeat the mistake they made in 1932 when in Germany they voted for the National Socialist Party of Adolf Hitler.

I am a legal immigrant. This is a country of laws. Illegal immigrants are illegal. They are against the law. Comparing the actions of the legal government when trying to fulfill the job with the actions of Nazi Germany, calling detention centers concentration camps is an aboration and an insult to every law -biding citizen.

Julio Popovsky, M.D.

Pepper Pike

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