I highly recommend seeing “Ragtime” at Cain Park. I re-read E. L. Doctorow’s brilliant book every summer. The book is a metaphor for not only our current times, but for life in America as it always has been. I met Doctorow many years ago at a book signing. He signed my newer copy of “Ragtime,” with its red, white and blue painting of a Fourth of July Celebration in New York City on its cover. The year was 2004, Bush 43 was president. Doctorow was very troubled about the effect the Patriot Act was having on the now long-gone confidentiality of library patron’s reading choices.

Everything is always Ragtime in our beloved country. The privileged 1%, the Jews and the African-Americans in peril and the immigrant desperatly wanting to make a new life in our country. Mother represents women who once thought that they were protected and respected and now realize they must fight for rights for themselves and for others. Jeff Bezos is the new J. P. Morgan. Houdini is the internet and our phones. Evelyn Nesbit is now reinvented as our president, tawdry and an attention prostitute and Emma Goldman is now U.S. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York.

Yes, everything is and is always Ragtime.

Margaret S. Chesler

Shaker Heights

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