The article in the Cleveland Jewish News suggesting the Holocaust and our southern border detainees are somehow in a comparable situation. (“Jewish protesters hot over ICE policies,” July 26)

Attempting to trivialize the Holocaust by comparing it with our detainees at our southern border is beyond belief. The team of Democrat “inspectors” issued strong condemnation accounts about children upset as their dental visits were not as comprehensive as they could have been. Also intolerable was the timing of their meals and taking too long to be served.

Someone also recorded that the nutrition left something to be desired. Several of the children admitted they were unaware there was such a thing as a dentist. I lived across the street from Roman Frayman for many years. We were neighbors, we knew each other, but it is still difficult to understand his motivation for this incredible comparison ... political?

I’m not a little disappointed in the Cleveland Jewish News, also. You must like Frayman as you would have difficulty attesting to the accuracy of your comparison, unless your motivation is perhaps the same as his. Incidentally, many if not most of the buildings, fences, gates were built by former President Barack Obama. This detainee situation went on for years before President Donald Trump arrived on the scene, but no one seemed to notice, let alone get upset ... or demonstrate.

Daniel Zeligson

St. Johns, Fla.

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