How do you give merit to social media posts which people refuse to own?

As long-time and very involved residents of Beachwood, we have been appalled and disappointed at some of the negative campaign tactics going on in this community. During this election for mayor in Beachwood, we have received emails and literature with links to the investigation regarding Mayor Martin S. Horwitz, an investigation in which city council, including the mayor’s opponent, unanimously decided to keep him in office.

We have responded to emails and have asked the source of these messages to please respond so we could discuss; however, cowards hide behind fake emails. Why can’t you admit to who you are and why you feel the way you do? Horwitz owned his mistakes, learned from them and has led our city proudly.

We would ask that people please consider the source, or lack of, when taking these negative campaign tactics into consideration. This is old news.

We fully support Horwitz for mayor of Beachwood and ask that you do, too.

Alan & Bonni Berger


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