Why are some Jews supporting groups that attack Jews? White supremacy, proud boys and many MAGA people are part of this GOP with former President Donald Trump’s blessing. Do you not become complicit at the next violence?

Was Jan. 6 (2021) not an attack aided and encouraged by Trump? People were hurt and killed and attempted a coup.

What values do you want for your children? Lying, cheating, racism and being above the law. Israel will survive and prosper while our democracy is in danger.

I served in World War II in Germany. Have we forgotten what happens when we have a one-man power hungry egotist? Remember immigrants are human beings, not aliens. Many of us helped refugees get to safe countries. Do not fall for the present GOP use of this issue to denigrate people. Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama tried to help and were turned down by the Republican congressmen.

We need to vote to protect our democracy; to bring back decency and compassion; and to take back a GOP the likes of former President Ronald Reagan.

Merle Glick

Cleveland Heights

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