Why are assault weapons legal in the United States? Why is my life and the lives of my family and other innocent people so unimportant to Republicans who keep insisting that assault weapons should be legal?

What are assault weapons for except to kill people? Why do Republicans keep insisting that assault weapons are protected by the Second Amendment? Nowhere in the Second Amendment does it say that assault weapons should be made available to the general public. I am sick of worrying everyday about whether this is the day my family or I get shot and killed while going to the grocery store, a movie theater, a shopping mall, a country western concert or merely going to school.

This is outrageous. No other civilized nation in the world allows their citizens to buy assault weapons. Why does the United States? We banned assault weapons in 1994 under President Bill Clinton for 10 years. During that time, mass murders dropped substantially. There is such a clear correlation here. The general public would like to see assault weapons banned again. But it’s always the Republicans in the Senate who thwart it because many are beholden to the National Rifle Association.

Change gun laws or change Congress. Voters need to speak up and demand change now. I’m tired of crying over every innocent life lost because of this. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hate crime or mental illness or anger. Stop the assault weapons and we will stop the slaughter of innocent people. Now.

Susan Hennenberg

Pepper Pike

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