Thank you to the Cleveland Jewish News for holding the Beachwood Mayoral Debate. I had been looking forward to it since I heard about it.

Finally, I thought, after reading so many headlines, I could hear the current mayor’s take on his behavior in office, behavior that ended up costing the city – or rather its residents – some $130,000. Voters deserve to hear what he learned from the experience and how he has modified his behavior since.

Showing some accountability would have gone a long way with this voter. Instead, Mayor Martin Horwitz seems ignorant to the fact that roughly half of Beachwood voters are women. Many of us are no strangers to trying, even toxic office environments, so hearing the same apology he was compelled to give city council would have allowed us to collectively grow and move forward as a community.

But instead of the explanation we deserved, we were treated to the same argumentative bluster Oct. 5 that we heard when Horwitz debated Mayor Merle Gorden and Mitch Luxenburg in the previous mayoral election. I heard a lot of denials as well as assertions that the true blame lies with others. Furthermore, only Horwitz can truly comprehend the situation – even though his policy is one of complete transparency.

Some may call this mansplaining, others refer to it as gaslighting. I see it as tangible evidence that Horwitz richly deserves to be a one-term mayor of Beachwood.

Lindsey Walsh-Resnick


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