The Feb. 12 Cleveland Jewish News had a little bit of everything and no doubt your readers took notice.

Three different people in three different articles captured most of my attention: Les Levine, Stuart Muszynski and Josh Mandel. Your front page focused on Levine, described by your president and publisher Kevin S. Adelstein, “If ever there was a mensch on this earth, it unequivocally was Les Levine.” Others noted that “he was a friend and mentor to many.”

Muszynski paraphrased Hillel, saying “that if you treat others with kindness, then you will get kindness back” and that he believes in the Golden Rule. He went on to say that “under the Trump era … many faith-based people turned a blind eye in the interest of political and economic agendas, and morality was thrown aside.”

That brings us to Mandel and his run for Senate, announcing that he’s “going to bring together Trump supporters” with other conservatives, and he criticized the effort to impeach Trump. He explains that he is “a proud American, proud Marine vet and a proud Zionist.”

Like Mandel, I have a degree from The Ohio State University and I, too, “am a proud American, proud vet (albeit Air Force), a proud Zionist,” and “vocally and forcefully fight against anti-Semitism.” But personally and philosophically, I would like to think that I have much more in common with Levine and Muszynski. My own role models were my parents, Helen and Sam Marsh, who taught us to always do the best we could and in doing so, treat others “the way we wanted to be treated” (Muszynski) and “be a mensch” (Levine).

I trust that many, if not most, of your readers feel similarly. I only hope that the way in which Levine went about living his life and the goodness and kindness that Muszynski wrote about are representative of our values moving forward.

Steve Marsh

Pepper Pike

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