The proposed sale of Park Synagogue brings back fond memories of when I was confirmed there in 1932. My bar mitzvah was at the original building on East 105th Street. My late brother, Herman, who was Confirmed in 1936, was a gabbai at Park.

Pictures of Confirmation classes were hung in the hallways. Whenever I got to Cleveland, I went back to look at mine for a special reason. On the 50th anniversary, there was a reunion party. I had been away from Cleveland for many years, so I checked out the photos before joining my old friends. In short order, one of the fellow graduates, Sandy, rushed over to me and said, “Dave, it’s been a long time.” I smiled, and he added, “You’ve gained weight.”

When I left, my jaw was still dropped. One last recollection. The girl graduates all seemed attractive. I wondered why I never got around to dating any of them.

David Brown

North Bethesda, Md.

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