Finding housing for adults with special needs can be complicated. As a professional in the field for 30 years I have witnessed families begin the process for adult living when their child was very young. I am personally endorsing the proposed project of Community Living for Life as a worthwhile housing option for adults with special needs. Anyone who is familiar with the families involved can attest to the lifelong commitment to finding appropriate housing for their adult child.

The single person dwellings will be privately purchased by families that have the resources to support and maintain them. The families involved with this project have been preparing, investing and working with financial planners for many years. They would not be engaged in this privately funded project if they were lacking the resources to support such an endeavor. The resources needed to sustain them financially and to support daily living will be followed.

Individuals with autism, physical and developmental disabilities will have varying degrees of independence and skill set. They are not a danger, a nuisance, distraction, or threat to our community. These misconceptions come from a lack of information. The residents will be supervised and supported at all times.

There are many barriers for special needs adults to have appropriate housing. Please do not let bias be one of those. The Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland’s mission is to transform lives through contemplation, justice and compassion. Pepper Pike has a wonderful opportunity to lead by example.

Katie Tuohey


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