Why does the Cleveland Jewish News continually use the name “Tibor” when referencing the current ongoing case with Eyton Senders? Note “Attorneys seek stay in Tibor’s vape case.”

This has nothing to do with Tibor, who sold the business a few years back. You know this, and are still constantly putting the name Tibor in the headline. Why? To smear the name of an innocent and good man? Yes, this is news, and yes, Eyton Senders is Jewish, but if there’s nothing significantly new to say, why continually look for things to say to generate another article?

Down the road, when it gets settled, then put something about the verdict. There’s a middle ground between ignoring and hyper-focusing on a topic. Why go out of your way to knock potentially and innocent-until-proven-guilty bad behavior within the community when there are so many people doing so many wonderful things?

Michael Post

University Heights

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