I, for one, am sick and tired of “journalists” methodically spinning facts, crafting verbiage in but technical truth. CJN Columnist Cliff Savren’s column is but his latest. (“U.S. election should return some calm to Israel,” Nov. 27)

“Most” Israelis felt President Donald Trump was wonderful, he noted – intentionally neglecting the Israeli Democracy Institute’s clearer finding that his countrymen preferred Trump (70%) over former Vice President Joe Biden (13%), with the balance undecided (The Times of Israel, Nov. 3).

CJN readers are entitled to more than goal-oriented, self-fulfilling rhetoric.

For whatever he was or wasn’t “as a package,” Trump was undeniably good for Israel and “good for the Jews.” Itemizing the reasons taken to heart by nearly three-fourths of Israeli citizens is not necessary. From prioritizing

Mideast peace to moving our embassy, these matters are the same achievements patently omitted by Savren.

Our prayers are with President-elect Biden and the state of Israel. It has been five years since as president of the Senate, he insulted Israel by boycotting its prime minister’s speech to our Congress. Oh, perhaps Savren failed to mention that in his angled analysis?

Bruce Bogart


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