I support Kahlil Seren for mayor of Cleveland Heights on the merits. He is qualified, intelligent and committed. He’s been endorsed by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, State Rep. Janine Boyd, the Plain Dealer/Cleveland.com, and multiple unions, groups and Party institutions.

The Cleveland Stonewall Democrats, which also endorsed Seren, recently took the unusual step of publicly discussing their interview with the candidate they did not endorse, Barbara Danforth. Danforth tried to rewrite the conversation in their endorsement meeting, and Cleveland Stonewall Democrats were compelled to correct the record.

During the meeting, Danforth refused to commit to advocating for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people in Cleveland Heights, saying she wanted to check with other constituent groups first. She argued with members of the group about the so-called “bathroom bills” that make public restrooms even less safe for trans and gender non-confirming people. The interview made participants so uncomfortable that many wanted to cut it short.

Other aspects of Danforth’s record are out of step with the values of most Cleveland Heights residents. She continues to defend her decision to not prosecute officers for the police murder of Michael Pipkins.

Her reasoning? “Insufficient evidence” to prosecute. Between the coroner’s ruling that the choke hold applied by officer Michael Tankersley was the cause of Pipkins’ death, and the police’s decision to take him to the station instead of a hospital, her words don’t bear any weight.

Duplicity is certainly not a skill we need in a mayor. Vote Seren for mayor in Cleveland Heights.

Lynn Tramonte

Cleveland Heights

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