Wow. I am reeling after reading about Valerie Charms Mason and husband, Todd Mason, who decided to go to Washington for the “stop the steal” rally. ("Beachwood resident describes experience at Capitol,” Jan. 15)

First of all, there was no steal. This is outrageous. Not only did Joe Biden get more than 7 million popular votes than President Donald Trump, but he handily won the electoral college vote – by a landslide, to quote Donald Trump’s line in 2016. The inciter in chief has lied continuously and gullible people continue to believe this lie even though 62 courts have said there is no evidence whatsoever. They have recounted votes and hand counted votes in numerous states.

This was the most open and honest election ever. Now these gullible people descend on the capital and the Masons find themselves in good company with people who are racist, anti-Semitic and conspirators of QAnon. How did they feel standing next to people wearing shirts that said Camp Auschwitz and “6 Million Wasn’t Enough?” It is outrageous that Mason calls these people “patriots.”

My mother was tortured for two years in Auschwitz. Her parents and siblings were murdered there. My father’s sister and brother were also murdered there. That another Jewish person should stand side-by-side with these people is sickening. I am totally disgusted by them. Personally, I don’t think this article should even have been printed in the Cleveland Jewish News. This article normalizes what these people did. This rally should never have happened in the first place.

Susan Hennenberg

Pepper Pike

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