In the aftermath of the failed putsch by crazed Trump supporters, some of our Cleveland Jewish News readers who wrote passionate letters in support of the soon-to-be-departed president and who signed onto paid ads extolling his leadership might want to engage in some serious soul searching.

Trump supporters who wear “Camp Auschwitz” T-shirts and carry Confederate flags while desecrating the people’s house in a Trump-incited insurrection are not the “best thing that ever happened to Israel” or “good for the Jews.” In light of what we know now, deplorable seems too quaint a word to describe your fellow Trump enthusiasts who trample the rule of law and attempt to overturn a free and fair election.

A law enforcement officer was killed in action by these thugs and overall five people lost their lives in this attempted coup.

Perhaps we could take some advice from the New Testament: “Beware of false prophets … Ye shall know them by their fruit … a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.”

Jessica Schreiber


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