I want to tell you a little story about me and my mom. My mom grew up in the Depression and when I was old enough, I would take my mom shopping. She would go into a store and see a purse that she wanted, but she would not buy it. She would go home and talk about that purse for a week and tell me to go buy it. It never failed when I would get there, the purse would be gone.

I would tell my mom that it was gone and that if she wanted something, she should not wait. Just Do It. You never know what is around the corner. One day, you could be fine and the next day you could be hit by a illness you did not expect or you could die. I know, because I have three friends right now with Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. My boyfriend was coming over to my house three years ago and died from an aneurysm.

My philosophy is if you want it buy it, do it if you can afford to. If you want to eat something special, eat it. If you want to travel, go for it. You only get one life, so do everything you want, before it is too late. From me to you, just do it. I just want to say as I wrote this, I was on a trip and got news that I was coming home to attend a funeral.

Marilyn M. Kapucinski

South Euclid

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