It is very disheartening, anguishing and frankly astonishing to me how much blind hatred is spewed every day against our president (i.e., Trump derangement syndrome) by a large majority of the Democrat or left-leaning Jewish community. In spite of Trump’s undeniable close relations and support of Israel (being the only president to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to its rightful location, in its capital of Jerusalem, and finally and fully recognizing Israel’s sovereignty of the Golan Heights), the Jewish left continually, vociferously and automatically derides and condemns the president every chance they get.

They are close-minded, biased and obsessed with taking him down any way they can. When Barak Hussein Obama was president, Obama openly showed his disdain of the Jewish state. He surreptitiously gave the terrorist regime of Iran $1.7 billion in cash and access to more than $100 billion, allowing Iran to develop their nuclear weapons program, and aiding Iran’s terrorist proxies, Hezbollah, in Lebanon.

Did the left protest? Of course not. It is utterly shameful and mind-blowing to me (and my gentile friends) that the vast majority of the Democrat Jewish left will choose to side with racist, anti-Semitic jihadists, bent on the destruction of the United States, Israel and Jews, over Trump, who is the strongest supporter of Israel. Unbelievable.

Joel Weiner

Mayfield Heights

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