I am writing this letter in order to appeal to conservative Jews and non-Jews.

Recently, President Donald Trump said he called off a strike on Iran as it would amount to the loss of 150 lives. I believe he was trying to appeal to his supporters that he is a humanitarian man. Please consider the following review of incidents which should not be overlooked in your evaluation of Trump, as a humanitarian:

First, Trump’s decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem resulted in the deaths of 57 Palestinians and serious injury to hundreds more. This riotous, emotional reaction by the Palestinians was totally predictable and was the reason why Republican and Democratic presidents did not make the move earlier.

Second, Trump’s statement that there are some good Nazis needs to be connected with the loss of innocent Jewish life in Pittsburgh and San Diego, and the rise of anti-Semitism in America and worldwide, since his presidency began. 

Third, there has been a humanitarian crisis in Latin America for 200 years. The Trump administration has done the minimum to help the sick and dying children of that crisis. Recently, Trump said that he saw a 250-pound immigrant that looked to him like a prize fighter, suggesting the immigrant population is like this big guy, rather than the poor wretches they are.

With all due respect, please consider such comments, deeds and actions in your evaluation of Trump, as a humanitarian man.

Steve Wolotsky


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