When most people heard the word vaccine, they used to feel pretty confident that it would be a safe and secure antidote to whatever was ailing them. However, nowadays, the definition of vaccine has been politically manipulated and corrupted by the left. They push their own dishonest, dictatorial narrative, with the help of the one-sided mainstream media and the left-leaning Democrat Party.

Several countries have reported increased hospitalizations for those that were already vaccinated. What is referred to as a vaccine by the mainstream media is really nothing more than an “experimental profit shot” which the Biden regime has been rushing to mandate nationwide (unconstitutionally).

President Joe Biden has been desperately attempting to mandate vaccinations. Can you even imagine if President Donald Trump did what Biden has unconstitutionally and illegally done? The Democrats, the mainstream media and the left would be on it ad nauseam 24/7. Their hypocritical double-standard is clearly obvious. People need to open their eyes and seek the truth.

Joel Weiner

Mayfield Heights

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