I am a Jew who feels every bit as strong and passionate about my religion as it relates to my culture and heritage.

I basically agree with letter writer Naomi Reich except for one thing (“Antisemitism won’t win,” Nov. 4). During World War II when 6 million Jews were slaughtered, why weren’t they protected by “God”? What makes her think that “God” will protect us now during all this antisemitism?

Many want to see us again wiped off the face of this Earth.

We as Jews must stick together and remain vigilant. We are responsible for ourselves and must take matters into our own hands. What I mean by this is no one else will protect us. I believe in an eye for an eye – and a tooth for a tooth. Anyone who levies hatred and violence against us must face the consequences at a zero tolerance level.

May we never again know from the atrocities that took place.

May we enjoy a happy, healthy and safe new year.

Martin Flowerman


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