Marla Hart is running for the Beachwood School Board. Is she running on behalf of her son, Bennett Adelson, who supports encouraging football players from outside the district and letting them live in his numerous rental properties in the city?

The spending on her campaign must be record-setting for local office in Beachwood, which has included meet-and-greets over steak dinners at Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse, passing out literature, numerous ads in the Beachwood Buzz, mailers and sponsorships of events.

What is the motive and agenda? Is this about retribution against Superintendent Robert P. Hardis and Athletic Director Ryan Peters for their handling of Adelson and the football recruiting investigation centered around him?

Marla should be transparent and answer these questions. The community deserves to know.

Daniel Small


Publisher’s note: Small’s wife, Jillian DeLong, is a candidate for Beachwood School Board.

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