Solon City Schools

At home in Solon. With excellent schools, beautiful parks and recreation areas, a top-notch library and a wide array of businesses and services, Solon is a vibrant place to live and work.

Solon was founded as a rural farming community in 1820 and neighboring Glenwillow was established as a company town for the Austin Powder in 1893. Today, the bustling suburban environment that encompasses our school district honors the rich traditions of a family-oriented community while supporting a significant industrial and corporate base that includes manufacturing, technology, health care and retail.

Families who choose to live in the Solon community do so with a common goal of pursuing for their children a comprehensive educational program complemented by extensive extracurricular opportunities in the arts, athletics and community service that allow students to follow their passions. The focus within the Solon schools is on the whole student, and the three A’s – academics, arts and athletics – all share significant emphasis.

The district’s commitment to excellence and meeting the needs of every child, every day ensures that the educational program and co-curricular activities available through the Solon schools meets those high expectations. Each year, Solon students meet rigorous academic challenges with increasingly higher levels of achievement. Such superior achievement does not happen by chance. It is the direct result of long-term strategic planning and a collaborative learning community that values accountability and puts students first.

Equally important, at the core of the Solon schools’ mission is a commitment to ensuring that all students attain the knowledge and skills necessary to become contributing, ethical citizens in the global community. The heart of the Solon schools is a shared belief system that clearly articulates the importance of diversity and how it enriches the school and greater communities. The Solon schools are one of Ohio’s most diverse districts and the diversity of students spans socio-economics, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and cultural background.

Through the districts’ strong partnership with city government, area businesses and parent volunteers and booster groups, Solon students’ connections and educational opportunities are enriched, providing a strong foundation and tools for future success.

Students at Solon High School may select from more than 140 course options, including 27 different Advanced Placement courses, across the curriculum from required courses in core academic areas to electives in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, computer and industrial technology, business, world languages, fine and performing arts, and health and physical education. The breadth of offerings helps students fully prepare and meet their goals for life after the Solon schools – whether they plan to attend a two-year or four-year college, enter the workforce, or serve in the military or safety forces.

With an eye toward continuous quality improvement, Solon teachers work collaboratively to align the school curriculum to the state of Ohio’s academic learning standards while simultaneously implementing research-based, best-teaching practices in their classrooms that demonstrate student achievement results for all students. Cultivating this shared responsibility is a critical element of ensuring student engagement and success.

From the moment they take their first steps into our school buildings, students receive clear messages about who we are as a district and a community and what role the students play in upholding those standards. In this way, students understand that they have clear expectations to meet but also far-reaching opportunities. Their buy-in is crucial to own the culture of respect and inclusivity that is a hallmark of the Solon schools.

Teachers, counselors and administrators also foster collaboration with students through active solicitation of feedback and a sharing of ideas. Staff members support student efforts by empowering them to take on leadership endeavors and providing the structure for them to be safe and successful. At the same time, the school has extensive systems and caring staff members in place to monitor students emotionally, socially and academically – again with the goal of providing a safety net and strategic support as necessary.

By challenging students, closing learning gaps and implementing engaging lessons that make learning more concrete and less abstract, the Solon schools are inspiring excellence in our students. This collaborative learning environment digs deeper into differentiated application of 21st century skills by fostering real-world inquiry-based application of problem-solving, communication and critical-thinking skills for every student every day ensuring they are well prepared to pursue their goals and dreams.

Joseph Regano is superintendent of Solon City Schools.

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