Music video for "Nirtzah: The Seder Finale" a medley of songs from from the final portion of the Passover Seder

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This and all Maccabeats music is recorded a cappella.


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List of songs:

(All lyrics from the Hagaddah, all songs set to a traditional melody unless otherwise noted. )

-Chasal Siddur Pesach

-L'shana Haba'a

-Ki Lo Na'eh (originally performed by R' Wellerman)

-Adir Hu (originally performed by Shlomo Carlebach)

-Echad Mi Yodea

-One Is Hashem (originally performed by Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men)

-Chad Gadya

Translation available here:,_Nirtzah,_Chasal_Siddur_Pesach

Arranged by Rob Dietz

Additional recording by Cory Hecht

Edited by Alexander Koutzoukis for Plaid Productions

Mixed by Ed Boyer

Mastered by Dave Sperandio for Vocal Mastering  

🎥 by Leo Skier for Skylight Media

Photo at 2:24 credited to: All-Pro Reels from District of Columbia, USA - Bucs_WFT_223